During this online session we discussed the latest updates on regulatory developments, practical learnings from alignment reporting and insights from 2022 EU Taxonomy disclosures across European companies. We also shared our views on how to integrate taxonomy implementation as part of the CSRD.


Key takeaways of this online session:

  •       What are the key features of the additional activities related to the four remaining environmental objectives?
  •       What are the new and amended activities for the Climate Delegated Act and updates to the DA on article 8?
  •       What are the key insights in reporting EU Taxonomy alignment in 2022?



Marco Frikkee (host), Partner Sustainability Reporting, KPMG

Gijs de Graaff, Solution Lead EU Taxonomy, KPMG

Laura Schroder van Oorschot, Senior Manager Accounting & Sustainability Reporting, KPMG


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