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Commercial applications of AI such as ChatGPT are playing an increasingly important role. This offers plenty of opportunities, but ‘all that glitters is not gold’. In the coming weeks, KPMG Digital Law will update you on relevant but underexposed legal issues on the use of 'free' AI applications. 

Following ‘cloud’ becoming commonplace, AI is now the disruptive technology. Where until recently developments were about mimicking human actions through technology, AI is about mimicking human judgement. The most recent example of this is ChatGPT, a 'deep learning' language model that allows information to be provided or processed in a variety of ways. Currently, use of this tool is free and it is widely used both privately and professionally. AI applications like ChatGPT will also be widely used within your organisation. In the coming weeks, KPMG Digital Law will inform you about relevant but underexposed legal issues regarding the use of 'free' AI applications. Based on a three-part blog series, the following topics will be covered:

Copyright insight into the digital world

In the first blog, we highlight the copyright aspects of using 'free' AI applications. After all, who owns both the input and the output and to what extent can a user be held liable for copyright infringements?

Trade secrets and confidential business information

In the second blog, we address the topics of trade secrets and confidential business information. For both, secrecy is key and with its loss, legal protection is also lost. How to deal with this? To what extent do AI applications affect the handling of trade secrets and confidential business information? For example, what happens if an employee has the minutes of a closed meeting summarised through a 'free' AI application? Where and for how long will your confidential business data be stored and used for other purposes?

AI applications and fundamental rights such as privacy

Finally, we examine the impact of AI applications on your fundamental rights such as privacy. We will address various privacy and data protection issues that arise from the use of 'free' AI applications.

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