​Information systems have been introduced in every aspect of healthcare. Patients now also have access to a large number of applications: to monitor their own health, to help manage specific conditions, or to handle health data from different health providers. Patients have gained the tools to take a central place in what we call ‘the ecosystem of healthcare’. 

All around the world, we see the big shift in healthcare: from capturing data toward sharing data, and now using that data to improve quality. There is a growing need for better data sharing and better collaboration between providers across the continuum of care. Care should be delivered in the right setting at the right time, both digitally and physically, based on the right information.

A digital backbone can recreate health delivery models and support collaboration with all health providers. Digital health pilots for only a small part of the care continuum or for only one condition will not be sufficient to start a regional transformation. An integrated approach is needed, supported by a digital backbone. Microsoft and KPMG can enable the acceleration of digital health transformation and connected care to support healthcare providers in this digital journey. In the attached whitepaper you can read more.

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