Simplicity is desired where complexity abounds. Before, during and after the pandemic, companies recognized the importance of customer experience and the need to make it simpler and easier for their customers and prospects to engage with them. The pandemic, shifting customer needs, changing expectations, rapidly evolving technology and organizational fragmentation have created a significant level of complexity for companies seeking to deliver on the promise of simplicity.

At its heart customer experience should be simple, treat customers well and ensure they feel valued so that new customers come and stay, and current customers keep coming back. The reality is to make it easy for customers and prospects can be hard work for the enterprise to execute.

In this year’s report "Orchestrating Experiences" we examine how leading companies around the world are making these connections. We examine the twin areas of the orchestration of resources within and across customer journeys alongside the progress firms are making to revitalize their approach to market and embark upon a growth agenda.

We assess emerging best practice across 26 countries, regions, and jurisdictions with over 88,000 customers rating their experiences with some 2,900 companies and we identified the organizations that are leading the pack.


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