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Dear KPMG Woman,

It is with great pleasure that the KPMG Network of Women (KNOW) presents to you the second edition of the KNOW Newsletter! KNOW newsletter is all about us – KPMG ladies and it gives us the avenue where we tell our own stories and bring to you exciting information that will be worth your while. 

The KNOW Newsletter aims to showcase our successes / achievements professionally and in our personal lives, our strengths in facing everyday challenges, how we deal with thriving in the workplace, providing practical solutions on health, marital, homemaking, mental wellbeing, beauty, fashion, socials, travel, child upbringing, and any other issue that concerns us as women, generally.

Featured in this edition are points worthy of note on why women make great leaders, chronicles of a working mom, self-defence, self-care tips, how to curb the negative impact associated with children’s access to social media, and a corner on the woman and her health.

At our interview corner, we featured our very own KNOW SteerCo Chair, Toyin Gbagi. She shared with us her experiences on how to maintain work-life balance and made recommendations on how to break the bias at the workplace. Also featured is Ayomide Agboola, a breast cancer survivor, who shared how she was able to fight through breast cancer and survive. Her story is very inspiring and one that creates awareness that breast cancer is treatable if discovered early. She also encourages women to soar amid their challenges and seek for people who can support them. This includes an informative session with Dr. Janet Ogunkoya on the tips for reducing the risk of breast cancer. 

We also documented success stories of some inspirational women in history, and we brought you the juice on what is trending in fashion, KNOW Box Office – Netflix recommendations, tips to make your home a safe space (as we all know that the hybrid work arrangement is still on at KPMG, and we now spend more time at home than in the office) as well as the comic section for a good laugh. 

A unique and exciting addition to this year’s edition are pictures from the KNOW Cancer Walk 2022 – Think Pink Virtual Wellness and sights from the 2021 International Women’s Day Celebration themed, “Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow” where our KPMG Women demonstrated how they would contribute to #BreakTheBias. Again, we present the newsletter in vibrant KPMG colours, showcasing our courage and determination to be seen and heard. We want to be better and would like to hear from you on matters you want us to include and how to improve subsequent newsletters. Please share your suggestions and contribution at

On behalf of the KNOW Steering Committee (SteerCo) and female Partners, I wish you a happy reading. 

Bimpe Afolabi
Partner, IA&GRCS

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