This publication provides information on developments in the Nigerian Gas Sector over the last few months. We hope you find the information and insights in the publication useful.

1. The Nigeria Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority (the Authority) Releases Guidelines for Gas operations:

The Authority, which was recently set up in line with the provisions of the recently promulgated Petroleum Industry Act (PIA), 2021, has issued some guidelines (the Guidelines) for the regulation of gas operations in the midstream and downstream sector. Some of these Guidelines were originally prepared by the defunct Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) but had not been previously released to the general public. The Guidelines issued are highlighted below:

  1. Guidelines for Flare Gas Measurement Data Management and Reporting Obligations:
  2. Guidelines for Establishment of Natural Gas Plant Facility in Nigeria:
  3. Establishment and Operations of Downstream Gas facilities in Nigeria:
  4. Grant of Permit for Bulk LPG Off-take:

We have summarised the key contents of the Guidelines below:

1.1. Guideline for flare gas measurement data management and reporting obligations

The Guideline was issued pursuant to the Flare Gas (Prevention of Pollution and Waste) Regulations, 2018 and sets the criteria, requirements, and relevant obligations of licensees/lessees and permit holders as it relates to flare gas measurement, data management and reporting obligations. It also addresses the metering and data collection standards. One of the objectives of the Guideline is the generation of flare site data to identify and quantify the environmental impact and the opportunities to commercialize flare gas.

According to the Guideline, the requirements for the selection of flare gas metering system shall comply Continue reading...

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