Tax compliance remains a challenge for businesses due to the complexities out of tax affairs and the ever-changing business landscape. The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia often conducts tax audit and investigation exercises following submission of tax returns, leading tax authorities to discover oversight or errors made by taxpayers, more often, unintentionally.

Hence it is crucial for businesses to take a proactive approach to ensure compliance with tax legislations by way of conducting best practices, such as maintaining sufficient records and supporting documents, and keeping informed of tax-related risks revolving the business. 

KPMG Tax Risk Evaluator

Our Tax Risk Evaluator is complimentary to use, offered by KPMG Tax Services to provide you with relevant insights so you can manage your organization's tax risks better.

This online diagnostic tool aims to provide a preliminary assessment of your tax position, tax risks and compliance status with the prevailing tax legislation, using a point-based approach on a high-level basis. Key features include a set of questionnaires designed to gather data that will enable the tool to determine if your business is at low, medium or high-risk state.

Access the KPMG Tax Risk Evaluator on desktop or mobile device via the link below

Note: This tool is designed for general information only and it should not be used or relied upon as a substitute in identifying specific tax risks or calculation of actual tax exposure. Where appropriate, relevant assumptions have also been made in arriving at the company's tax risk status and professional advice should be taken regarding the company's specific circumstances.

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