Our technical accounting advisory professionals bring in-depth technical accounting knowledge, capital markets insight and substantial industry experience so that each engagement is scoped specifically to meet your needs and requirements.

We have developed useful tools to assist us in performing efficient and effective gap analysis to compare the new standards to be adopted against the client’s current accounting practices. Our team can help you by researching on specific accounting matters while providing an objective accounting opinion.

Examples of how and when we can help:

  • You require independent opinion on accounting issues.
  •  You want us to do an assessment on the impact arising from the adoption of a new standard.
  •  You require clarification and assurance on specific accounting matters. You want to change accounting standards adopted, i.e. MPERS to MFRS or IFRS and PERS to MPERS or MFRS.
  •  You have a new holding company based in the US that requires reporting under US GAAP

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