Regulatory compliance deals with a set of guidelines that the law requires organizations to adhere to. It might involve observing the rules and directions set forth by regulators or complying with the guidelines as a form of better practice. Regulatory compliance also pertains to specific industry needs e.g., selected requirements or standards may be applicable to listed issuers however, these would differ from the requirements of listed issuers under the financial services industry.

With the regulatory environment constantly evolving, businesses must follow suit. Against this backdrop, KPMG aims to assist the board and senior management of your organization to enhance your corporate governance practices within the spheres of board leadership, corporate reporting and relationships with stakeholders.

The KPMG’s Regulatory and Compliance scope of services cover entails the following offerings:

The Regulatory and Compliance service entails the following offerings:

Corporate Governance Policies

  • Review, enhance and/or facilitate the development of corporate governance policies
  • Benchmarking of policies against the enumerations of Companies Act 2016, Listing Requirements by Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance and other governance-related better practices

Corporate Governance Diagnostic Assessment

  • Review the existing corporate governance framework of your business
  • Assess your existing governance practices against the enumerations of Companies Act 2016, Listing Requirements by Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad and Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance, among others
  • Engage with your key board members and senior management for their perspectives on corporate governance
  • Recommend enhancements to your existing governance practices
  • The report will encompass key observations and recommended action plans, coupled with an implementation priority table

Corporate Governance Disclosures

Facilitate the drafting or review and enhancement of balanced, meaningful and comparable disclosures in the:

  • Corporate Governance Overview Statement and Corporate Governance Report
  • Statement of Risk Management and Internal Control
  • Audit Committee Report
  • Nominating Committee Report
  • Management Discussion and Analysis

Group Governance Framework

  • Review and/or develop a group governance framework and structure
  • Gather feedback from your board on the merits and demerits of the current model
  • Consider a centralized or decentralized model alongside the modalities that entail Identify improvement considerations and suggest action plans

Compliance Review

  • Develop a policy document on the overview of a compliance framework
  • Review and/or develop matters reserved for the board relating to oversights on group compliance
  • Review and/or develop the terms of reference of the compliance committee, risk committee and the compliance charter
  • Review and enhance the existing compliance structure
  • Develop standard operating procedures including policy instruments such as templates, checklists and forms
  • Develop a compliance training document
  • Benchmark against legislations/requirements/principles/guidelines/better practices


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