The rise of virtual and hybrid modalities has been touted by regulators as a solution to maintaining healthy levels of shareholder participation amidst physical distancing measures. Accelerated digitalization has inevitably proliferated its way into the way corporations conduct general meetings, of which Annual General Meetings (AGM) feature most conspicuously.

KPMG in Malaysia seeks to revolutionize the future of general meetings by entering into an alliance with the Azeus Group in an exclusive roll-out of ConveneAGM – a modern solution that enables a seamless virtual and hybrid AGM experience. This offering is designed to “break the barriers” between in-person and virtual/hybrid AGMs through dedicated 24/7 support and security.

KPMG’s ConveneAGM Polling Administrator service also answers the rising call for a delicate balance between maximizing shareholder participation and safeguarding the sacrosanct principles of shareholder democratization by leveraging on the “ABCDs” of technology: Automation, Big Data, Cloud and Data Analytics.

The KPMG’s Investor and Stakeholder scope of services cover entails the following offerings:

  • Facilitate the conduct and poll administration of general meetings in a physical, virtual or hybrid setting
  • Undertake scrutiny of votes cast for general meetings
  • Undertake moderation of question-and-answer sessions during general meetings
  • Facilitate drafting of Chairman’s script and transcription of meeting minutes for general meetings
  • Undertake simulation analyses for resolutions to be tabled at general meetings
  • Undertake validation of results for the purpose of awards conferral
  • Facilitate the conduct of creditors’ meetings in a physical, virtual or hybrid setting

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