The new rules of corporate governance and heightened investor expectations have set a high bar for boards across the world. Now, more than ever, effective board evaluations are critical in meeting the evolving standards of corporate governance and the authoritative promulgations and listing rules in Malaysia.

KPMG’s Board Effectiveness Evaluation (BEE) methodology is a self-and-peer evaluation approach to board evaluations, providing a platform to address your board’s improvement areas as well as to identify existing strengths. Based on your corporate governance model, tailored tools such as questionnaires, interviews, document analyses, live board meeting observations and “use of time” agenda analysis will be developed to meet and exceed your needs.

The BEE exercise entails an objective assessment of the effectiveness of the board as a whole, its board committees as well as the performance and contribution of individual board members. The “BEE realm” can be encapsulated by the illustration below:

The culmination of the BEE exercises has provided over 50 top listed companies of differing industries, businesses and shareholding structures with the launchpad to drive positive reforms to governance procedures and processes.

Recognizing the proliferation of technology characterized by modalities such as data analytics and automated reporting, we also offer the Digital BEE Tool  to streamline and digitalize a more modern BEE exercise and internalize an automated BEE process with minimal external intervention over a long-time horizon.

The BEE service can help you to facilitate:

  • The assessment of the board, board committees and individual directors of the company in 180, 360 and 720 degrees manner
  • A detailed skill set matrix review
  • A detailed fit and proper assessment of individual directors or potential candidates for the board
  • The conduct of training needs analyses for directors
  • A specialized committee assessment
  • The development of BEE starter packs or guidance manual

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