Growing in the face of adversity

“While 86 percent of CEOs globally anticipate a recession, a study of business leaders within the Asia Pacific (ASPAC) reveals a more optimistic view, with only 63 percent believing a recession will occur in the next 12 months with over half (55 percent) expecting it to be mild and brief,” said Datuk Johan Idris, Managing Partner of KPMG in Malaysia.

The 2022 KPMG CEO Outlook survey revealed preemptive strategies CEOs have put in place to weather the coming storm, including managing costs by increasing prices, reducing profit margins and diversifying their supply chain.

In addition to these measures, CEOs in ASPAC has also reviewed their approaches in ESG, technology and talent management owing to the increasing ESG expectations, evolving focus on technology risks and the war on talent.

Read the commentary piece by Datuk Johan Idris with the link below:

Business Today: Growing in the face of adversity

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