Empower women to return to the workforce

Budget 2023 would be a good platform for the government to activate strategies that optimize Malaysia’s potential workforce and increase the income of the rakyat by looking at a gender responsive budgeting approach.

“We anticipate there will be tax measures announced for women who have left the labour market to incentivize them to return to the workforce. Hopefully, there will include relaxation of existing tax incentives. Currently there is a career break tax exemption for one year which is valid until 2024.”

In this pre-budget commentary piece, Long Yen Ping, Executive Director of Global Mobility Services and Soh Yueen San, Manager of Global Global Mobility’s Services at KPMG in Malaysia shared their gender-based wish lists for Budget 2023 that could facilitate employment or re-employment of women who have left the labor market.

Read the full article via The Star or attached below.

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