To address the skill gap within the workforce due to rapid technological change, companies have recognized that investing in their employees is more resource-effective than sourcing for new hires. With much enforcement on remote/hybrid working policies post pandemic, the pace to upskill is accelerating. As such, providing flexible, versatile and fast-paced learning opportunities are imperative to attract and retain top talents.

Mohd Khaidzir Shahari, Head of KPMG Learning Academy, KPMG in Malaysia expounds, “the COVID-19 pandemic represented a global reset for all organizations across all industries, including the ways staff are trained. People’s behaviors and mindset had to shift to the situation, and the result is a new reality where people and technology must work in harmony.”

“This has given corporate training a sense of urgency that has not existed before, paving way for online learning as the preferred approach today,” he added.

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