Ten potential unicorns in Malaysia, according to report by HSBC, KPMG

A report by KPMG and HSBC titled “Emerging Giants in Asia Pacific” has identified 10 potential unicorns in Malaysia poised to make an impact on the global business landscape over the next decade. These companies, which the report dubbed “Emerging Giants”, are Boost Holdings, Exabytes, Jirnexu, Presto Mall, Mindvalley, Neurogine, Eatcosys, Says, Lapasar and PolicyStreet.

Head of Technology, Media and Telecommunications at KPMG in Malaysia, Guy Edwards, said Malaysia has developed a good understanding of technology and how innovation works, as evidenced by the many home-grown companies listed in the top 10 leading emerging giants for Malaysia.

"Beyond government support, nurturing the right ecosystem for our local start-ups requires adopting a regional outlook, and encouraging strong collaboration by stakeholders in the space," he explains.

Explore the latest report in greater detail via Berita Harian, The Edge and The Sun or the attached below.

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