The world is building up more waste than ever. Solid waste generation is increasing by a rate of 6.6% annually (2010 - 2019) as cities in Southeast Asia (SEA) continues to urbanize. Over the next 10 years, solid waste generation is expected to grow annually by 2.7 % (2019 - 2030).

While most SEA countries have policies and regulations in place to improve waste management and sustainability practice, efforts and enforcement of waste management in all countries except Singapore are fragmented and poorly coordinated among institutions and stakeholders. The challenge is further complicated with the high upfront cost required in the setup of waste management infrastructure.

Waste-to-energy (WtE) plants offer another solution to help governments in their green energy agenda by turning waste to energy. WtE provides municipal solid waste management solution by minimising waste going into landfill while along the process producing electricity by utilising waste as a fuel. In the SEA region, the solid waste management market is projected to grow at a moderate rate of 1.9% annually (2019 - 2030) and the WtE market on the other hand is expected to grow at a faster pace of 29.4% annually (2019 - 2022).

This report provides insights to the WtE market landscape in 6 key SEA countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, covering current state of regional waste generation, respective SEA countries’ waste management policies and development plans, key industry challenges, market participants in the WtE industry, key considerations for WtE project investment, and best practices of the waste management industry.


•    Abhishek Kumar, Director, Corporate Finance and Infrastructure Advisory, KPMG Malaysia

•    Jieqiang Tan, Manager, Corporate Finance and Infrastructure Advisory, KPMG Malaysia

•    Wen Bin Lim, Director, APAC Head of Renewable Energy, KPMG Singapore

•    Yiran Yang, Director, Deal Advisory, KPMG Thailand

•    Wilson Kurniawan, Manager, Deal Advisory Infrastructure, KPMG Indonesia

•    Johann Joubert, Associate Director, Infrastructure and Government, KPMG Vietnam

•    Vu Hoang Tuan Du, Manager, Advisory, KPMG Vietnam