The transportation industry is a major direct contributor to employment, impacting national and global GDP. In addition, the efficient mobility of people, goods and materials is a vital enabler of sustainable social and economic development, connecting people to basic services, jobs, markets and each other.

The biggest opportunities for shared value – i.e. where we see the coming together of market potential, societal demands and policy action - are grouped around the following themes:

  • INCLUSIVE MOBILITY – Expand affordable access to reliable mobility services for people and goods, thereby expanding market opportunities such as providing affordable public transport with good intermodal connectivity; expand transport solutions, including access to autonomous vehicles; Develop innovative transportation solutions; Manufacture low cost, durable vehicles and bicycles which are suitable for poor rural roads; and many more.
  • RESOURCE EFFICIENCY – Expand intelligent transport system, improve public transport system and increase efficiency of vehicles as part of the accelerated adoption of renewable energy and improve resource efficiency in production, service provision and customer use.
  • SAFETY AND SECURITY – Develop robust strategies through collaboration with Governments and other stakeholders to improve travel safety and security.
  • TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURE – Inform Government policies and help design, build and operate effective and efficient transportation infrastructure.



Download the complete SDG Industry Matrix : TRANSPORTATION

The Matrix profiles some of the most significant opportunities, partnerships and collaborations for the Transportation industry. It also provides additional ideas and examples submitted by companies.


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