There are various opportunities for the food, beverage and consumer goods industry to grow but constant disruptions such as emerging technologies, changing consumer preferences, climate change and rising costs continue to pose challenges to companies in this competitive marketplace.

The biggest opportunities for the Food, Beverage & Consumer Goods industry to create shared value are grouped around the following themes:

  • ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT – Promote inclusive development by increasing the participation of small and medium size businesses in developing economies in value chains. This includes providing training and best practice guidance to small scale producers and retailers; connect small businesses and entrepreneurs to capital to grow their business; create markets for local products through innovation and mobile technology; and pursue investment and cross-sector partnerships to develop physical infrastructure that connects rural communities.
  • SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY – Reduce climate impacts by investing in sustainable sourcing, processes, materials, machinery and products across the value chain, ensuring fair labor practices and promoting traceability of inputs.
  • HEALTHY, SUSTAINTABLE LIVING - Engage with consumers, employees and partners to increase awareness and understanding of sustainable consumption and healthy living through developing consumer knowledge and raising awareness around sustainable agriculture and consumer products.
  • PRODUCT INNOVATION – Connect with local communities to develop products which align with the needs of developing economies, thereby opening up markets and increasing future demand.


Download the complete SDG Industry Matrix : FOOD, BEVERAGE AND CONSUMER GOODS

There is critical momentum of activity and the opportunity for shared value has never been greater. Multi-stakeholder partnerships and collaborations will become increasingly important in realizing these shared value opportunities. The Matrix also outlines the good practice principles and initiatives as well as providing ideas and examples submitted by companies. 


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