BEPS Pillar 2 Tax Technology | 26 September 2023

The BEPS Pillar Two Rules are a key component of the OECD’s Two Pillar Solution which reforms the international taxation rules to ensure that large multinational enterprise pay a global minimum tax of 15%.  In October 2021, over 135 countries, including Malaysia have signed up to the Two Pillar Solution.  Although it has not been formally announced by the Malaysian Government, we expect the BEPS Pillar Two Rules to be implemented in Malaysia by 2024, if not by 2025. 

On July 2023, the OECD has released a standard template for the GloBE Information Return (“GIR”).  The GIR comprises 28 pages and contains up to 480 data points per jurisdiction.  As such, a multinational enterprise with a number of entities across various countries could have a considerable amount of points of information to provide and these data points may not be readily available or captured in the existing data system.  In this regard, having a robust data system for data collection is crucial with the implementation of BEPS Pillar Two Rules. 

In view of this, we are delighted to invite you to join us in this event titled “BEPS Pillar Two Tax Technology” where we will share an overview and updates on BEPS Pillar Two, System and Data Challenges with regards to implementation of BEPS Pillar Two, BEPS Governance, etc. This event has been curated to enlighten participants on the implementation of BEPS Pillar Two while showcasing our tax technology tool which may assist you on your BEPS journey.


Who should attend:

  • Chief Financial Officer or equivalent
  • Head of Tax
  • Finance / Tax Managers
  • Accountants
  • Accounts / Finance / Tax personnel 
Date & Time
26 September 2023, (Tuesday)
10am. to 12.30pm

Function Rooms, Xchange, Level 10, KPMG Tower, 8 First Avenue, Bandar Utama


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