Human Rights Risk Management for Malaysian Companies

Legal actions and sanctions against companies over human rights issues are increasing worldwide, as the 2nd largest market exporter country in Southeast Asia region, corporates in Malaysia are often targeted by Human Rights groups and threatened with legal actions and sanctions against to those who found to be in violation of human rights or engaged in forced labour.

For unprepared companies, such allegation and receiving import sanction can be costly. It could lead to disruptive legal actions, negative publicity, reputation damage, significant financial loss through the sanction’s impact to the company’s future earnings, and investor divestment. The damages cause by poor human rights risk management have a perpetual effect that will take companies tremendous effort and resources to repair.

As such, Malaysian companies must acknowledge that every business, collaboration, or sourcing decision entails significant questions about potential human rights issues. This reality demands a shift in thinking, to consider non-financial risk-to-people concerns on top of the traditional risk-to-business concerns.

We are pleased to bring you the ‘KPMG Board Leadership Center Exclusive – Human Rights Risk Management for Malaysian Companies' webinar, where our distinguished speaker shares her insights on the importance of understanding human rights risk management, and current good practice in identifying and managing human rights issues in business.

Course Highlights

  • Importance of human rights management in reducing its risks and impacts on businesses
  • Applicability with local laws and regulations, International Labour Office (“ILO”) Indicators on Forced Labour
  • Addressing human rights in business among Malaysia companies

•  Sharmini Ann Jacob, Executive Director, People and Change Advisory Services, KPMG in Malaysia


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This event is organized by KPMG Management & Risk Consulting Sdn. Bhd.

Date & Time
27 September 2022 (Tuesday)
10.30am – 11.30am


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Who should attend:
• Board of Directors
• C-suite Executives
• Business Leaders

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