Bob Kee

Partner – Head of Transfer Pricing Services and China Practice in Malaysia

KPMG in Malaysia

Bob currently co-lead KPMG’s transfer pricing practice in Malaysia.

Bob advises on various transfer pricing issues, including compliance to BEPS reporting requirements in Malaysia.  He helps his clients formulate defense strategies for tax audit situations and planning for transfer pricing risk mitigation.  He is also extensively involved in providing transfer pricing services in relation to the supply chain restructuring of companies operating in the agricultural, consumer products, electronics, textile, pharmaceutical and oil & gas industries.  

Professional and Industry Experience

• Bob is also experienced in indirect taxes, specifically in the areas of GST and WTO rules of valuation.  His experience in transfer pricing and also Customs’ valuation rules enables him to provide transfer pricing advice from both a direct and indirect tax perspective.

• In 2011, Bob earned the distinction of being the first expert witness in Malaysia’s first transfer pricing court case (which was decided in favour of his client).

• Over the years, Bob has developed a good and strong working relationship with the Malaysian Inland Revenue Board and the Royal Malaysian Customs Department.  He is a frequent speaker at external transfer pricing events, as well as KPMG organized workshops and seminars for clients.