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At KPMG, we value and recognise the advantages that continuing education can offer to your development on a professional and personal level. In order to challenge, inspire, and develop you as a high-performance workforce, we are ready to dedicate significant resources to your professional and personal growth.

Whether you will be working in audit, tax, advisory, or business support, we have a dedicated team of professionals in our Learning & Development ("L&D") who are responsible for overseeing the delivery of training programmes and supporting your learning requirements.

The L&D team will continue to explore new technologies, innovations, and learning methods with the support of the KPMG Global and Regional Learning and Development teams and KPMG professionals from around the world. Examples include incorporating cutting-edge collaborative technology, employing a learning experience focused approach, KPMG Global or Regional training and development learning resources, and mobile learning, with the goal of giving you the most efficient learning models to assist you in becoming the Workforce of The Future (WOTF).