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We recognize the value of providing career growth opportunities for our people to expand their skill sets and knowledge through international experiences. As a result, KPMG strives to encourage and support our people to pursue an international assignment through the Global Opportunities (GO) program.

GO is KPMG’s revitalized global mobility program. GO provides our people with life enriching opportunities to work in KPMG member offices all around the world. Generally, the assignments GO offers can vary from short-term assignments (between 3 and 12 months) to long-term assignments (between 1 and 3 years), depending on the opportunities available. This program aims to harness global awareness, promote knowledge transfer across borders and foster cross-cultural exchanges.

US Mobility Program (USMP)  
US Mobility is a successful long-term global mobility program. GO (Global Opportunities), offers assignees an enriching and enjoyable international assignment experience. It enables international assignment process to and from the United States. With this program, assignees from KPMG offices worldwide are given the opportunity to attend a 2-week training before they disperse to their allocated offices in the United States.