The Service

Non-Executive Director (NED) Recruitment services may be beneficial for organisations who are seeking strategic input and expertise in order to further develop their business in terms of business transformation, growth and performance.

NEDs bring a wealth of industry specific knowledge to the organisation and focus on long-term organisational goals which allow the provision of strategic foresight and guidance. Their impartial perspective on complex board level decisions may serve to enhance corporate governance.

The KPMG Approach

As experts in executive placements and career advisory, our services go beyond typical recruitment practices, with an approach which tackles the hiring process in a holistic, inclusive, relationship-oriented manner, grounded in communication and feedback.

We work closely with our Clients to understand their business needs and to identify NEDs who possess the core areas of expertise which are required, maintaining consideration of organizations’ size and sector.

KPMG’s NED recruitment services may be provided in the form of:

Search and Selection

Search and selection of professional, qualified and available NEDs who may augment their potential over and above those previously identified or currently making up the Board.