In a time of constant change and disruption, leaders face the need to continually pivot strategy, stay ahead of advances in technology, meet demands from employees and customers for optimal experiences, and cope with pressure from stakeholders to deliver, all amid global competition.

It is clear that leading in this ambiguity and complexity brings about new leadership expectations. Executives are increasingly seeking their own competitive edge to deal with business and leadership challenges they face.

Individual Executive Coaching

Individual Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a powerful tool to help in unlocking leadership potential and strengthening talent within an organisation. Our executive coaches at KPMG have a deep understanding of psychology coupled with a commercial mind set. We work closely with leaders within your organisation to ensure alignment with future business needs. We set this up for success by being laser focused on the top outcomes for the individual, drawing in and triangulating with the line manager or board of directors, and then taking a deep look into the person’s psychological make up to help understand how to support them to get them to their desired outcome.

At KPMG Executive Coaching for Leadership we offer a unique coaching style which is targeted, personal and performance focused. We have a deep understanding of leadership benchmarks and the approach required for leaders to build on their edge to become even better leaders. Our coaching is based on psychological insight to understand enablers and derailers of success. Our style is authentic, collaborative and challenging.

Leadership Team Coaching

Leadership Team Coaching

Leadership Team Coaching supports alignment on purpose, helps identify the collective results they want to create and then understand how they need to work together to achieve them. Our coaches support the team to make high quality decisions, take ownership and take action which serves the wider purpose of the organisation.

Executive Profiling

Executive profiling

Whether to develop a leader or support senior talent acquisition and successful on-boarding, we offer a robust psychologically-informed assessment, using psychometric tools. The result is an accurate, independent, commercial and psychological read on the leader, or potential new hire. We partner with clients in the selection of short listed candidates, through bringing a unique and specialized set of techniques and tools to add rigor and consistency to the selection process. We have over 15 years’ experience working with global corporates and local businesses in this field.  Our team is made up of leadership advisors and executive coaches, who combine cutting edge insights into individuals combined with a clear understanding of the requirements of an executive in role.

Sales Behaviour Profiling

Sales behaviour profiling

Call Reluctance consists of all the internal thoughts, feelings, and “avoidance” behaviours that conspire to keep otherwise talented and motivated sales professionals from earning what they are worth.  Our certified profiling methodology will help you:

  • Filter out the people who will struggle with sales activity,
  • Give you insight on what is holding your ‘sales’ people back,
  • Move each person’s business development activity up a gear.

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