Modelling the relationship between the employee experience (or its components) to business outcomes or customer satisfaction enables a business to target HR initiatives and development needs that are likely to provide improvements that flow through directly to the customer. This approach allows organisations to make evidence-based business decisions which in turn lead to an increase in profitability.

What issues are our clients facing?

  • Focusing more on targeted sales than differentiating customer excellence, employee satisfaction and organisational culture which may lead us to unsatisfactory sales achievements.
  • Lack of customer experience which differentiates us in the market.
  • Invested in non-customised core sales techniques training, however, have not seen any return on investment.

What do we do to help clients tackle these challenges

  • We use fact and data-driven sources of information (i.e. data analytics, interviews, workshops) in order to link employee experience with customer experience with the aim of providing comprehensive insights and increasing sales strategies and customer excellence through the employee experience.
  • Based on an exhaustive gap analysis we can provide tangible recommendations and action plans.
  • We provide customised experiential learning for organisations which ensures flexibility, accuracy and appropriateness of development.