It has long been said that the only constant is change, and given today’s market realities, businesses have little choice but to embrace change in order to survive and proactively drive change in order to sustain a competitive advantage. Effective change management mitigates organisational risk in the pursuit of benefits realisation.

Whether the change is focused on a specific function or at an organisation-wide level, changes in corporate strategy, processes, systems, and technology require that people perform and behave differently. To enable and sustain lasting change, a formal change management effort is integral to any significant project a company undertakes.

KPMG’s Behavioural Change Management (BCM) Method is an approach used to manage the people, process or system factors of change to achieve intended business outcomes.

What issues are our clients facing?

Project failure due to:

  • Lack of a unified vision.
  • Lack of commitment from Senior Management.
  • Inadequate communication.
  • Lack of clarity and accountability.
  • Lack of user adoption (when tech related).
  • Poor employee engagement resulting in high levels of attrition.

What do we do to help clients tackle these challenges?

  • Creation of a customised Change Management Solution based on the proven change management methodology.
  • Cultivate a culture that supports and embraces change.
  • Build communication to support buy-in and alignment
  • Establish the strategic aims and vision for change.
  • Secure Senior management commitment.
  • Translate the vision into reality for the people; what it means for them.
  • Guide and support the organisation and its leaders to the vision identified via the roadmap.
  • Make sure the change is sustainable and the benefits are realised.
  • Understand the skills required to drive the change.
Business Change Management

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