Are you looking to improve your visibility and gain better control over key strategic projects?

All projects have their unique demands and corresponding business goals. No project is the same, and for your project to be successfully delivered, you need more than just defined delivery processes and frameworks. Together, let’s explore innovative ways to deliver value for your business more efficiently.

At KPMG we understand that in practice there is an art, as well as a science, to delivering reliable project results and that organisations can address the gap between strategic vision and implementation with the power of skilled team. We have gathered an exceptional team of project professionals, skilled in the art of practical project management, who are passionate about making a difference to our clients’ business results. Our project management services focuses on raising overall project management standards through consistency, knowledge, visibility, flexibility and expert support. We focus on standard project management methodologies aligning with client’s operational procedures and needs.



We will share expertise on tools, process, and people perspective to help you streamline the processes, enhance collaboration, and organise your team to work together towards successful delivery of projects.


We can assist you with managing requests for proposals (RFPs) for third-party products and/or services.

Quality Assurance

Do you need a second opinion about your project risk? We can provide you with objective and informed insights and act as an independent ‘sounding board’.

Management and Delivery

From project procurement, planning and delivery, project governance, resourcing, scheduling, risk, issue, dependency scope, cost and stakeholder management. We can help you from start to finish.

Knowledge Management

We want to ensure your project succeeds. How? We invest heavily in Knowledge management activities to document Best Practices and Lessons Learnt to provide you with proactive Dos and Don’ts.


We will guide you towards the most suitable methodology and approach to assure organisation and project specifics.


Project Management Services

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