Importance of Software and Innovation

Software is found everywhere and in everything. Economies of developed nations depend on software to function, from phones to computers, to dedicated systems, to cloud technologies. We are in the digital age and innovation is currently the focus. At KPMG, we assist businesses to develop systems with innovation as a back-bone to help address all the needs, whilst taking a modern approach to development and minimising both time and costs for maintenance. KPMG have become leaders in the area of the Software Development space by helping businesses and Governments, both locally and internationally, within various areas of development. With proven years of experience, at KPMG, we specialise in multiple disciplines related to technology to help achieve the final objective of the business, be it different front-end and back-end frameworks, databases, cloud technologies, and IoT.

Our Software Development Service Offering

Bespoke Software Development

Our skilled personnel will develop bespoke software to address your business objectives.


Cloud Development

Develop Cloud based systems based on your business needs ensuring the same environment throughout the software development lifecycle.


Application Modernisation

Our specialists can assist your business with the process of updating legacy software, including newer languages, frameworks, and infrastructure platforms.


Developer Secondment

Provide secondment developers to supplement resources and fill knowledge gaps.


Support on Existing Systems

Offer support on existing systems, by providing in-depth analysis, documentation, testing and development.


Architecture of New Systems

Offer consultancy on the architecture of new systems, using innovation as a baseline.



Train your internal team on DevOps, Git as well as the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).


How can KPMG assist with your Software Development Journey?

Our Approach to Software Development and Quality Assurance

KPMG’s approach to software development and quality assurance, applies “Agile” principles and relies on the use of Continuous Integration (“CI”) and Continuous Deployment (“CD”) pipelines across the entire delivery chain to achieve the best business value delivery, improving stakeholder experience and organisation performance.

Our Agile Architecture uses a governed approach to accelerate the Agile software development life cycle (“SDLC”), aligning business and technology architectures for a holistic solution, while to also reach a level of quality assurance comfort, we integrate static code analysis tools to ensure a base level of quality in the source code. Through our Agile SDLC, we deliver solutions over multiple sprints where user feedback will be incorporated to validate the requirements and design. This approach increases the speed, transparency, and quality of the overall transformation journey.

Agile Methodology

Our Methodology


Our Methodology
Software Development Journey

Benefits of using KPMG for your DevOps/Software Development

Exceptional Customer Experience
Offer custom software for your specific needs

Improved Process Efficiency
Coordinate and plan the tasks by using Agile Methodology accordingly, speeding up the process of the SDLC

Enables Scalability
Scaling-out the team to accommodate your business’ demands

Specialised Personnel
The team is certified in multiple different technology-stacks and specialisations, such as Microsoft technologies

Time Saver
KPMG offers an instant team of specialised developers with an Agile mind-set

Quality Assurance
Provide high quality products, by using static-code analysis tools and other relevant processes, saving both time and cost

Ensuring Relevance
The software development team keeps current with technologies guaranteeing modern and innovative deliverables

Support on Systems
Offer maintenance and support on both existing and new systems

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