Our Promise

Digitisation only where/when it makes sense in a pragmatic and cost-effective manner. 

How does KPMG make your Business more Efficient?

KPMG’s “Prime Process Digitisation Insight Tool” and “Digital Process Re-Engineering Framework” permit businesses to generate value through the accelerated creation of robust digitisation strategies targeting key business process digitisation candidates.


Prime Process Digitisation Insight Tool (PPDIT)

Efficiently generate Business Process Insights and the subsequent identification of Key Business Process digitisation candidates.


Digital Process Re-Engineering Framework (DPREF)

Helps ensure that a companies planned digitisation investment results in a positive ROI, by only suggesting digitisation where/ when it makes sense.


How do you Benefit?

Smart Resource Deployment

No more resources deployed to simple and repetitive tasks.

Digitisation Journey

An organic digitisation journey that is aligned towards your digitisation IQ whilst being conscious of external triggers.

Look before you leap

Only Digitise where/when it makes sense

Technology Agnostic

Your business needs are unique and so is the solution we provide.

Your Digital Process Re-Engineering Journey?

Your Digital Process Re-Engineering Journey is a collaborative journey with KPMG’s seasoned professionals who will help lay the foundations for successful digital endeavours.

Your Digital Process Re-Engineering Journey
Phases and Purposes

When is the best time to Digitise?

Even though access to digital technologies has become widespread, the gap between the “Have’s” and “Have-Mores” (i.e., companies that can successfully leverage the use of digital technology) has grown.

Worryingly only 8% of incumbent companies believe that their business model will remain viable if they maintain their current digitisation velocity whilst over 70% of digitisation strategies fail. KPMG’s “Discovery” and “Recommendation” phases help future proof digitisation strategies whilst our “Implementation” phase accelerates the digitisation journey.

The need to rapidly Digitise according to a sound digitisation framework has never been more pertinent. Given the introduction of Government Grants and Schemes the best time to Digitise was yesterday.

Our Digital Credentials

Our Digital Credentials
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