At KPMG, we are dedicated to preserving our people-centric culture—one that is both open and inclusive, drawing in top talent and enabling everyone to thrive. Our aim is to cultivate a culture of continuous learning for our people, ensuring that regardless of background, there are endless opportunities for everyone’s skills to flourish. Individuals from diverse backgrounds can realise their fullest potential at KPMG and feel empowered to come as they are.

Although there is always room for improvement, we understand that different perspectives lead to stronger insights where innovative thinking can thrive. This helps us to achieve an inclusive and diverse workplace. Our latest Global People Survey (GPS) results underscore the robustness of our firm’s culture as we achieved a high score according to the Barrett Cultural Assessment.

The essence of our culture

We are a forward-thinking, values-driven firm, comprised of exceptional people. Our aspiration is to create a lasting impact on the markets we operate in and our communities - transforming businesses, instilling trust and confidence in markets, and building stronger, equitable communities. At the heart of all this are our people, whom we consistently invest in, acknowledge the impact they make and the success they achieve. 

In FY23, we increased our headcount by 12%, with almost 700 individuals now forming part of our KPMG community, including students. We also proudly home 36 different nationalities within our firm in Malta, and our management now comprises of 48% women and 52% men.

Celebrating our Values

In the past financial year, we celebrated our Global Values Week which comprised of a full week of activities featuring both KPMG leaders as well as guest speakers Neil Agius and Mark Galea Pace. Neil is a former Olympian and founder of ‘Wave of Change’, while Mark is an eco-warrior and founder of ‘Coast is Clear’. During this week-long celebration, our people engaged in meaningful discussions about our Values; Integrity, Excellence, Courage, Together, For Better. These Values guide our day-to-day behaviours, inform how we act, the decisions we take, and how we work with each other, our clients, our communities and all our stakeholders.

Neil Agius

Neil Agius at Global Values Week

Mark Galea Pace

Mark Galea Pace at Global Values Week

Embracing innovation

Our collaborative spirit and mutual support make us unique. We understand the significance of health and wellbeing and support our people to embrace innovative and flexible work arrangements - helping them to thrive both in their professional endeavours and personal lives. Indeed, one of the most improved GPS results we’ve had this year was that relating to work-life balance. Nonetheless, we recognise that this is a challenge that requires continuous prioritisation.

We are leveraging the latest technology to empower our people to excel in their performance, no matter where they work. We are continually exploring ways to work smarter and streamline our processes, by leveraging automation.

Learn for a lifetime

Developing a continuous learning culture remains a top priority for us. In fact, numerous learning and development initiatives are organised throughout the year. For instance, we recently held the New Manager Milestone event; a 3-day learning programme with sessions to empower our people to thrive in their new role as Managers. As part of our ongoing commitment to people development, we also run the 360 Feedback project on a regular basis. This tool allows colleagues to receive feedback from seniors and peers, enabling them to gather a broad range of perspectives that will contribute to their growth.  

We also host a variety of workshops and seminars designed to equip our students for the future ahead.

New Managers Milestone Event

New Managers Milestone Event

New Manager Milestone Event

New Manager Milestone Event

Summer students workshops

Summer students workshops

“At KPMG, there is always a chance to learn. We incorporate a powerful combination of technical training, coaching and mentoring, industry secondments and skill-building programs which all add up to our people’s professional confidence and build their individual career capital,” concludes People Partner, Doreen Fenech.

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