The Challenge:

The National Health Insurance Authority (“the Authority”) in The Bahamas was undergoing a significant enhancement of its technology assets to take advantage of modern technology solutions.

The Authority is tasked with administering the government funded National Health Insurance scheme in The Bahamas through public and private entities

The Approach:

KPMG in The Bahamas and KPMG Malta’s approach included workstreams:

  • Set-up infrastructure: design and construct the architecture of the web portal and associated modules.
  • Web design: design web templates (HTML) and associated designs (CSS), working with SCB through a series of co-creation workshops to ensure that the designs not only meet their requirements but are tailored to their unique user experiences.
  • Develop web portal: develop key platform functionality such as user registration and authentication, user and entity management module, file upload module, DMS integration and data migration, workflow implementation, web form framework, and dashboard and reporting modules.
  • Deployment and go-live: conduct extensive user acceptance testing (“UAT”) to ensure platform aligns with system requirements. This workstream also included train-the-trainer sessions and concluded with system launch and monitoring.
Team Meeting

The Outcome:

KPMG in The Bahamas developed an intuitive, flexible, cloud-based platform for SCB to facilitate the online submission of regulatory and statistical filings.

Through the completion of the development phase, KPMG in The Bahamas along with KPMG in Malta have built an intuitive web portal that improves the quality and management of regulatory and statistical filings, facilitates monitoring through dashboards and reports, and creates efficient data management.

CoRI has become a pivotal application in advancing SCB’s digital transformation agenda by optimizing data accessibility and quality related to regulatory and statistical information, while improving the overall user experience of SCB’s licensees and internal stakeholders.

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