What kind of work do you do at KPMG?

As Head of the Technology Consulting in the International Financial Centres (IFC), I lead a team of technology savvy colleagues in the Crown Dependencies, Bermuda, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, and the British Virgin Islands across people, process, and technology in the areas of data and analytics, digital transformation and adoption, and intelligent automation using KPMG’s enterprise platforms.

I also co-lead KPMG Islands Group's (KIG) Technology Consulting function, which brings together a wider team with strong digital capabilities in Malta and CARICOM.

These roles are closely related, both are directed towards solving client issues using technology. For me, the key to identifying a transformation opportunity is asking the relevant question to determine the problem areas in the client’s organization. Although technology could be the answer, we always start with understanding clients’ challenges before developing the solution.

Working in business transformation requires you to be adaptive and always open to change — what excites you about this area of business?

Typically, clients know they have issues in their organization, but they need expertise and experience across all areas of their operation to create a clear transformation approach. What excites me most is that as a multidisciplinary firm, KPMG in the IFCs has experts who have worked in and have deep knowledge about our sectors. If we do not have a specific skill, we can reach out to other people in the KPMG network who understand all aspects of the client’s business, not just technology. Together we can clearly articulate the transformation journey to the client, what is required, and what you can build using technology as an enabler. It’s the marriage of these two that I believe makes a difference.

You have worked in multiple sectors, what would you say are some of the challenges clients face when they undertake tech-enabled transformation?

For me, I think the biggest challenge specifically for IFC clients is the shortage of experienced technology individuals who have the relevant experience in accelerated business transformation with tech-enabled solutions.

What KPMG brings is a broad spectrum of experienced individuals across several different sectors that have done this before in collaboration with all levels of the organization across the front, middle, and back office to deliver holistic organization transformation, and not just change in the technology stack.


"KPMG brings a broad spectrum of experience."

Marco Vassallo

Are there any client fears behind the challenges? e.g. business becoming obsolete

Technology significantly disrupts today’s business models and will continue to at an increasing rate. Our goal is to build and facilitate the conversation around digital transformation; we help clients to benefit from the opportunities that emerging technology such as AI provides, and we support them to a digital future. Businesses need to adapt to modern ways of working and we support our clients to embrace this as part of their overall transformation journey.

Would you say trust is important in business transformation?

KPMG’s Trusted imperative is firmly anchored in the client-centric strategy that creates a platform for responsible growth, bold innovation, and sustainable advances in performance and efficiency. KPMG professionals work to complete the multi-disciplinary capability that drives, accelerates, and balances risk in the digital transformation journey. What this means is we’re bringing risk out of the back room, with a positive shift from passive compliance to active value generation.

What advice would you give someone seeking a career at KPMG in digital transformation?

No two projects are the same, there is no doubt an applicant will be aware of the vast reach and impact of technology, but my advice would be that you are inquisitive and flexible as you could find yourself working with a diverse range of people and clients; solving a broad mix of challenges for our clients. KPMG’s Technology Consulting practice is a dynamic and fast-paced place to be. We help create opportunity in a world of increasing complexity.