The Challenge:

APS Bank plc has approached KPMG Digital Solutions with a request for RPA implementation services. Their primary goal is to enhance efficiency and reduce costs by automating internal business processes. With a focus on value addition and time savings, APS Bank plc has specifically chosen BluePrism as the preferred technology for automation. They seek KPMG's expertise in assessing the feasibility of automation and ensuring a seamless transition to automated solutions. By partnering with KPMG, APS Bank plc aims to optimize their operations, improve productivity, and leverage innovative solutions to achieve their business objectives.

The Approach:

KPMG Digital Solutions has been engaged by APS Bank plc to support their automation goals. Our dedicated team comprises a project manager and developer/analyst who are committed to guiding APS Bank plc on their automation journey. We have already automated more than 15 business processes, and this number continues to grow as we strive to maximize value.

Local Bank in Malta

The Outcome:

Close collaboration with the bank's Head of Digital Innovation enables us to effectively identify, assess, and automate selected processes. Our solutions predominantly focus on RPA-driven automation, supplemented by OCR technology when extracting unstructured data is necessary. Each solution has been successfully deployed, consistently achieving the intended objectives.

KPMG’s automation was key in assisting the Bank in delivering a critical project. Thanks to this automation, we managed to migrate data from one system to another in just 3 weeks. It would have taken us months and a significant human resource commitment to input the same data manually. By automating this process, we ensured the data was keyed in accurately, and avoided potential human error. We are extremely satisfied with our automation journey so far and look forward to continue building on this.

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