The Challenge:

The client is currently engaged in a process of transitioning their financial reporting to adhere to the IFRS17 format. This upgrade must be accomplished while ensuring uninterrupted productivity from the employees' daily operational tasks. Consequently, the firm has encountered challenges in effectively coordinating this project alongside the ongoing operations. The client's request is to engage a capable project manager who can develop a comprehensive project plan, facilitate collaboration among various stakeholders, diligently track pending items, and provide assistance to ensure timely completion of tasks.

The Approach:

To assist the client, we have designated a dedicated project manager for overseeing the ongoing transformation project. The primary responsibilities of the project manager include allocating a specific number of hours each week to monitor pending items, arranging weekly meetings with key stakeholders to gather project updates, and other related tasks.

Insurance Company in Malta

The Outcome:

KPMG’s project manager has developed a comprehensive project plan that outlines all pending items. Each task has been assigned to an accountable individual, along with a tentative completion date. This approach ensures that every task is assigned ownership and responsibility.

The project manager's role in this project is to check that stakeholders are adhering to the project plan and promptly identifying any encountered issues or risks that could impact task completion. In such instances, the project manager promptly reports these concerns to the management team, highlighting potential risks to the overall project delivery.

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