The Challenge:

For many years, the Ministry of Tourism of The Bahamas (“MoT”) has collected, analyzed and published tourism data from immigration landing cards. In the past, the immigration cards were scanned and the information entered via a highly manual process.

In a 2-year period leading up to 2018, the MoT experienced a significant backlog of immigration landing cards (~1.2 million cards) that were not processed and integrated into MoT’s statistical platform. Further, the statistical platform did not have the necessary workflows and business rules to ensure that data was efficiently detected, structured and comprehensively corrected before reaching end-users in order to prevent inaccurate insights.

In May 2018, as part of the Ministry’s wider digital strategy, MoT sought to implement a data and analytics (“D&A”) platform capable of providing strategic insights from the advanced analytics of immigration landing cards, enhanced as necessary with external data.

The Approach:

KPMG in The Bahamas has acted as advisor to MoT in the design and implementation of the D&A platform and provides ongoing maintenance and platform evolution support.

Key areas of consultancy include:

Building a core platform comprised of ICR models, automated workflows, and machine learning algorithms to structure and transform data.

  • Creating a solution which processed and provided direct access to legacy data consisting of ~22.2 million records and backlog data.
  • Building online analytical processing cubes for efficient data processing and access controls implementation.
  • Ongoing maintenance and platform evolution support.
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The Outcome:

The D&A platform allows MoT and its stakeholders to gain actionable and near real-time insights into key performance indicators (“KPIs“) and correlations regarding the tourism industry as well as the identification of regional, socio-cultural, and generational travel patterns.

Further, the D&A platform facilitates the development of a more targeted tourist incentive program to promote satisfaction and loyalty.

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