KPMG Global Cyber Day initiative

The annual KPMG Global Cyber Day Initiative is a Global Corporate Citizenship program aimed at educating young people on the importance of cyber security and internet risk, as part of KPMG member firms' commitment to supporting our communities.

During the month of October, KPMG cyber security professionals help students, teachers and parents, become more cyber aware through interactive classroom sessions, both in person and virtually, on safe use of personal data, social media, cyber bullying, online gaming and phones.

Our Global Cyber Day coincides with International Cyber Security Awareness Month, an internationally recognized campaign that promotes cyber security among organizations and the public and providing resources to be more secure online.

How safe are your kids online?

Children of all ages are turning to their devices for learning, playing games or interaction with friends. The increase in screen time adds another layer of worry for parents and guardians. Now more than ever, how can we ensure children are being safe online.

Take a few minutes and sit down with your kids and teens and ask them to answer each question to see how safe they are online.

Getting started

Having conversations with kids and teens early can set them on the right track to using the internet safely. By parents and guardians educating themselves, you can better inform your kids and teens and reinforce good internet habits. Check out our library of tips and articles for ways to help keep yourself, children and teens safe online.



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