Malta continues to thrive within the maritime industry by substantially increasing its registered fleet of super yachts by an impressive 51% under its flag. This substantial increase of over 1,030 new superyachts is yet another showcase of Malta’s achievements within the shipping industry. 

The Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Dr. Aaron Farrugia made the announcement of Malta’s substantial super yacht rise in registrations during the first-ever Malta Superyacht Symposium,  jointly organised by the Chamber of Commerce as well as the Malta Maritime Law Association. During the symposium, Minister Farrugia announced that experts and stakeholders within the industry are working for the promulgation of a national policy for the yachting industry.

Dr. Farrugia held that “we need to be a strong alternative based on our capacities, an improved infrastructure, a trained and competent workforce, an excellent level of service and strong reputations and relationships”. If Malta is to retain its position as being first in Europe and sixth worldwide vis-à-vis registered tonnage under its flag, recommendations like those suggested by the Minister above are imperative.

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