The Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment, also known as the Cape Town Convention (the “Convention”) which is currently ratified by 83 contracting states and was entered into force back in 2001, serves as one of the quintessential pillars within the ever-growing field of aviation. At its core, the main purpose of the Convention is to protect the interests of vendors, buyers and creditors through the creation of an international registry as well as resolving issues relating to high-value aviation assets and mobile equipment.

Considered by many as one of the leading countries within the maritime sector, Malta is also on the rise when it comes to the aviation sector, where it is held to be a rapidly expanding field of commerce. In May of 2022, achieving a near-perfect score of 95, Malta once again solidified its reputation and influence within the aviation sector by ranking first place in the Cape Town Compliance. This recent success can be contributed to Malta’s robust and overall strong legislative framework regarding the registration of aircraft vessels under the Maltese flag.

This news was announced at the European Business Aviation Convention (EBACE) in Geneva, an international convention where leaders of the aviation sector from all over the globe meet and discuss innovative matters which seek to advance the sector even further with key topics focusing on for example, flight sustainability. Malta is currently seeking to upgrade and strengthen the overall presence and force of the aviation sector within the island. Recent news has revealed that Malta has registered close to 700 aircraft vessels; all flying the 9H flag. In addition to these registered aircraft, it was also announced that the company WizzAir would be setting up an airline in Malta which further evidences the strong image that Malta has established for itself as the jurisdiction of choice within the aviation sector, both on a European and on a global scale.

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