Our tax team comprises specialists in personal and corporate taxation. We accompany our gaming groups, whether start-ups or mature, from an advisory as well as a compliance perspective. We assist groups with the rationalisation of the different group entities and their activities, with health checks and assessments intended to keep up with developments and ensure that they remain fit for purpose. Together with colleagues overseas we support with plans to acquire, merge or list, as well as with transfer pricing concerns. We guide clients with sustainable strategies, setting out available efficiencies such as fiscal consolidation and providing insight on international tax risks. From a personal tax perspective, we support groups with incentivising their employees through stock options or plans as well as applying for personal tax status for specific personnel. We have the experience to guide in-house teams and the Board to understand the bottom line, assisting with multi-national assessments of the tax exposure of the whole group, down to the beneficial owners, highlighting processes and timelines and ensuring that planning and implementation are efficient and effective in line with the desired objectives.

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