Our core Gaming Team, alongside that of our extended internal iGaming champions and Global gaming team, are well placed to support your efforts from both a compliance and strategic perspective. For reference purposes, we have listed some of the typical solutions that we have invested in for the purpose of supporting the remote gaming sphere on. Each of these mechanisms of strategic insight are leveraged off the back of the industry experience and reach that KPMG has built within the remote gaming sphere on a global scale. These supporting arms can be honed in on and scoped out as needed to support your organisation’s objectives.

International Regulatory Mapping and Compliance Review

We can map client controls to specific gaming regulatory requirements across different jurisdictions, utilising a robust rating system to assess coverage and identify gaps. Furthermore, through prioritised operational testing, we can delve into areas of heightened concern, employing a risk-based approach to strengthen clients' compliance position in their selected markets. Find out more about International Regulatory Mapping and Compliance Review.

Regulatory Insight

We would be delighted to provide you with regulatory advice and support, delving into the licensing and compliance obligations within the markets you are currently operating and assess your gaming operation from a regulatory standpoint.

From a Malta viewpoint, our core Gaming Team possesses strong regulatory knowledge and insight which may be of support to your compliance efforts. Beyond Malta, we have access to local regulatory expertise, available through the KPMG Global Gaming Team.

Strategic Market Review

We are in a position to provide your operation with a market analysis report, which would delve into the key details you may wish to consider prior to entering a new market. This would provide you with key insight needed to assess the assumed market(s) opportunity.

Industry Workshops

Bespoke workshops can be held alongside key management in order to hone in on and build up a deeper understanding for the opportunities and threats stemming from within the online gambling sphere’s current and anticipated externalities.

MGA Licensing Assistance

We can assist organisations in considering and addressing the requirements of the MGA Licence application, providing our advice and assistance from an MGA License application process perspective in relation to the required information and documentation, acting as a single point of liaison between the Malta Gaming Authority and the company.

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