The iGaming sphere in Malta has flourished over the past twenty years, and today contributes to over 12% of Malta’s overall GDP. Malta has been able to capitalise on its EU first mover advantage, and has continued to be proactive in developing its regulatory framework to sustain the island’s competitive edge at the forefront of the gaming sphere. Today, Malta hosts in excess of 300 gaming companies and sports a workforce of over 10,000 multi-national industry professionals.

Particularly in the gaming sphere, new directives, laws and regulations are the order of the day.

Malta is hard at work in safeguarding and renewing its jurisdictional benefits, both to continue enticing new entities to set up their gaming (or related) business here and also in ensuring that existing operators have sufficient reasons to stay. To this end, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is spearheading a suite of new initiatives that are enjoying wide support across the gaming industry. These changes are aimed to ensure that Malta remains a gaming hub of excellence, a professional and reputable jurisdiction.

KPMG recognises and understands the challenges and opportunities faced by gaming entities, both on the micro level and on the wider global scale. By combining our gaming industry expertise, our close relationships with key industry stakeholders, as well as the reach of our KPMG global gaming team, we are in a position to offer a truly professional service across functional and geographical boundaries.

Where do many of the industry's key considerations sit today?

Why do international operators continue to choose Malta?

The main reasons international gaming operations have and continue to choose Malta include:

  • A mature industry ecosystem
  • The robust regulatory framework
  • A highly effective and efficient regulator (Malta Gaming Authority)
  • A highly reputable licence which players have faith in
  • Clear licensing procedures
  • Sound yet flexible legislative framework - Malta's legislative framework is in line with the main EU directives
  • The establishment of Malta as a regional ICT hub, attracting major multinational players in the likes of Microsoft and Cisco
  • A very attractive fiscal regime for iGaming operators
  • Skilled, qualified and multi-lingual professionals
  • Excellent flight connections
  • Anti-money laundering legislation
  • A stable and pro-business political climate
  •  Established financial services institutions (including payment gateways) for Maltese iGaming companies and;
  • State-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure.

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