CFO Agenda - D&A

13 April 2016, 8:30AM - 11:00AM, CET


Your organisation struggles to collate data under one roof. Your department just manages to issue statutory reports on time. There is no time to analyse the data. And it is not the CFO’s role either. Prediction is a risky business and I do not even want to explore it. In any case, that is the responsibility of IT. Or is it?

IT departments have struggled with building Data Warehouses, Data Lakes and implementing BI projects for the last decade. In some cases due to lack of business achievement the topic was put on the back burners and BI staff redeployed to other projects. BI was a failure in most organisations or rendered marginal, if any, business benefits.


What to expect:

We will revisit the topic of extracting information from data and explore the journey that starts with extracting insights to optimising business value.

• Organising the data in one central place may not have been the correct way of approaching the problem. We will explain that it is more about identifying the right data sources.

• Too much focus on cleaning the data may have been the main reason for project fatigue. We will discuss that at times it is better to work with the data you have. Modern D&A tools may help to clean the data.

Too much focus on the tools and training of personnel may not have been a good idea. We will discuss that it may be more beneficial to focus on the right business problem and work with subject-matter experts to immediately focus on solving them. The tools will be purchased only if they are proven to work in your business context.

• We will discuss the topic of analytics, which is often confused with analyses. We will introduce the foundation underlying analytics, and touch on the underlying mathematical and statistical foundation of the topic.

• Finally we will discuss case studies from around the globe of how D&A is being used to solve business problems such as pricing optimisation, revenue assurance, fraud detection and customer retention.

This session is designed to share our insights and experience on a subject that is attracting increasing interest in the business world, both in Malta and abroad. To do this we are putting together a unique panel of speakers who will give their view on the subject from multiple perspectives.

All participants will be given a CPE Certificate.

We trust you will find the insights and experiences shared of particular value in your increasingly demanding role of CFO.



CFO Agenda

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