Nicholas Portelli

Nicholas Portelli - Compliance Executive, Risk Compliance

My journey at KPMG started in 2022, following my graduation from the University of Malta, where I obtained a Bachelors (Hons.) in European Studies with International Relations. Working at KPMG has been instrumental in propelling my career to new heights.

The mentorship programme offered by the firm ensures a culture of continuous learning and development, which has enabled me to enhance my skills and expertise in Risk Management, Anti-Money Laundering, and Sanctions. Collaborating with talented professionals from diverse backgrounds has provided invaluable insights and perspective, enriching my problem-solving abilities and strategic thinking. Moreover, my exposure to a varied range of clients and industries has broadened my understanding of the industry and its challenges.

My experience at KPMG has not only accelerated my professional growth, but also equipped me with the tools and confidence to navigate complex business landscapes and excel in my endeavours.