Senior Software Developer, Digital Solutions

Karl Bezzina - Senior Software Developer, Digital Solutions

I first joined KPMG Digital Solutions back in 2017 after finishing a degree in Software Development. During the first couple of months I was given the opportunity to continue working on developing software which was related to work that I had been doing during my dissertation. Through interactions with my performance managers I continued to grow professionally in the way I develop code, following new standards and quality practices which weren’t familiar to me prior to joining KPMG. After a few months of Software Development, I was also introduced to new areas of technology, allowing me to shift towards the development of Blockchain solutions. Through this experience I was able to develop a number of tech solutions which would enable our teams to service our clients in the Crypto space.

During my experience at KPMG I was also given the opportunity to conduct a Masters Degree in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies. This allowed me to continue in gaining knowledge in regards to these technologies, and to improve further in this line of work. As I was doing this course during the COVID-19 pandemic, KPMG provided me with the opportunity to continue working full-time during the course and to continue developing my skills in the blockchain space by assigning me with more projects aligned with this area.

Thanks to my experience at KPMG I have improved not only on developing software of high quality standards, but also on other areas. As I have been involved in attending meetings with different clients and conferences, I have attained new skills related to communicating with clients and understanding how we can fulfil their requirements through the development of Software.