Charlene Seychell

Charlene Seychell - Project Manager, Digital Solutions

I first joined KPMG Digital Solutions as a summer intern in 2017 whereby I was given the opportunity to experience the role of a Software Developer within the development team. Other than actually being the first female to join the team, I am also glad that the firm has and is currently employing more female developers. Joining the firm during my studies provided me with the flexibility to experience the different areas of specialisation and identify my main areas of interest. In fact, upon obtaining my Bachelor of Business and IT Degree, I shifted to a business analysis-oriented role which I felt was a better fit to my skillset.

What really sets KPMG apart from other firms is the fact that I am constantly encouraged to reach my full potential and keep on fostering a passion for everything digital. Over the past years, I had the opportunity to work with and be mentored by colleagues who are not only experts in the field, but who are passionate about what they do, driven to keep on learning and sharing their knowledge, and genuinely love seeing others grow and succeed.

At KPMG we are encouraged to take on new challenges to remain engaged and grow professionally and personally. I am grateful for all the opportunities I have been given ranging from the possibility to experience different roles, the support to further my studies and to work on ever-changing engagements, such as being seconded to a local bank.

Surely, all the expectations I had at the beginning of my KPMG internship have been exceeded – it’s been an incredible journey and I’m excited for what’s next.