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The KPMG International hotline is a vehicle for KPMG personnel, clients and other third parties (such as suppliers, contractors, sub-contractors, external consultants, alliance partners, or other third party resource) to confidentially report concerns they have relating to certain areas of activity by any KPMG International entity, activities of KPMG firms or KPMG personnel. KPMGI works with Canada-based ClearView Strategic Partners, a third party administrator of telephone and web-based hotline services (ClearView Connects) to operate the KPMG International hotline.


What to report

  • Illegal acts and fraud related to accounting and auditing
  • Banking and financial crime, including money laundering
  • Anti-bribery
  • Data privacy
  • Other unethical conduct, violation of laws or regulations, inappropriate conduct


What will happen to your report

Your report will be reviewed promptly, and we will take appropriate initial action based on the identified facts. We will do our utmost to maintain the confidentiality of the informant and the contents of the information, and maintaining anonymity and confidentiality at the request is our top priority. We encourage you to give your name and contact details to verify the facts and to take effective action as necessary. You should be aware that in order to conduct an appropriate investigation into matters raised by you, it may be necessary for us to advise others of the substance of your report. As such, your identity may become apparent and you should consider this before submitting your report.

Please note that any abuse of the KPMG Hotline for malicious purpose may result in action being taken against the perpetrators of the abuse. In the case of partners, employees or contractors of KPMG, that action may include disciplinary action including dismissal. In the case of third parties this may include legal action. Also, matters that are not related to above ‘What to Report’ may not be handled.

Any KPMG personnel or third parties who report breaches or suspected breaches of KPMG policy in good faith shall not suffer any detriment, either professionally or

personally, for making the report, regardless of whether or not the concern is ultimately substantiated. KPMG is prohibited from retaliating against individuals who ‘raise their hand’ for good faith reporting. Retaliation is a serious violation of our KPMG Code of Conduct. Any retaliation by a KPMG person is subject to disciplinary action, up to and, including dismissal.


How to report

  • KPMG International Hotline is open 24 hours a year.


You can report concerns to the KPMG International hotline in three ways:

  • By accessing a web-based reporting system at (select KPMG International) · By calling a toll-free number (PDF 216 KB)
  • Via mail to the following address:
    ClearView Connects
    P.O. Box 11017
    Toronto, Ontario M1E 1N0


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