First seed funding for LUDI Therapeutics, a "young shoot" of Monaco Foundry and member of Startup Campus KPMG Monaco

30 June 2021

With the support of the incubator Monaco Foundry and the Startup Campus KPMG Monaco, the Monegasque biotech startup LUDI Therapeutics has concluded a first fundraising campaign with the Italian investment hub Sport Horizon Holding, testifying to the vitality of Monegasque companies and the enthusiasm of high-tech players in Monaco.

The biotech company LUDI Therapeutics, a startup from the Monaco Foundry incubator, announced on May 26, 2021 that it had successfully completed its first seed 1 fundraising from Sport Horizon Holding, an Italian investment company specializing in the sport and entertainment, with the support of KPMG GLD & Associés Monaco.

LUDI Therapeutics was one of the very first startups to join Monaco Foundry, an incubator defining itself as a "hybrid venture capital accelerator" created in early 2020 by its four founding partners Fabrice Marquet, Brian Frederiksen, Yosef Ashkenazi and Céline Brill.

The partnership between Startup Campus de Monaco / Monaco Foundry signs an early success

Thanks to its complementarity with KPMG GLD & Associés Monaco, Monaco Foundry directly benefits from innovative and relevant solutions combining local expertise with the international standards of the KPMG Global network.

Designed as a real incubation path for high-potential entrepreneurs, the Startup Campus KPMG Monaco thus allows selected startups to benefit from the expertise of the firm's teams and privileged access to the KPMG Global network.

Robert Boisbouvier, in charge of the Startup Campus KPMG Monaco, and Mélanie Sauve, Legal Assistant at KPMG GLD & Associés Monaco - actively supported LUDI Therapeutics to make this first round of investment a reality with the ambition of giving this Monegasque gem the means to take its place on the world stage of high-level sports medicine.

LUDI Therapeutics, une startup monégasque prête à révolutionner la médecine du sport

First woman to run a biotech medical research company in the Principality, Cindy Benod, CEO of LUDI Therapeutics, explains the company's mission: “to develop cutting-edge science-based treatments for muscle injuries. Our first-in-class therapeutics will enhance the natural healing process after muscle injury and avoid long term complications responsible for recurrence of such injuries."

This initial round of fundraising was secured with the Italian company Sport Horizon Holding, an “investment hub” focused on cutting-edge technologies, which supports innovative startups capable of having a deep and lasting impact on the health issues in the sport industry.

With this initial round of investment, LUDI Therapeutics’ regenerative treatments now stand an even stronger chance to offer long-lasting and far-reaching benefits to the sports business with trauma-free solutions for the 60+ million muscle injuries reported worldwide on a yearly basis.

"We are convinced that regenerative medicine will provide the treatments of tomorrow that will allow everyone to practice sports and engage in physical exercise at all stages of their life," added Guillaume Poncet-Montange, co-founder and scientific advisor of LUDI Therapeutics.

Sport Horizon Holding invests in visionary and sustainable projects

Dario Montagnese, Managing General partner of Sport Horizon Holding, emphasized that as a first investment, Ludi represents the official starting point of their investment cycle, matching their main objective : supporting a sustainable development of the sport & entertainment business and, at the same time, identifying and seizing interesting opportunities of returns in the medium term.

Sport Horizon Holding's financial support to LUDI Therapeutics highlights the potential of the Monegasque startup, most notably validated by influential figures in the sports business such as Romy Gai, Marketing Director of the Juventus Football Club of Turin or Russell Steves, former Physical trainer of the New York Red Bulls.

"We see the involvement of the sports community as a key to our success, and this is a magnificent first step to make significant changes in the world of sport medicine”, said Juli Ferré Nadal, Managing Director of LUDI Therapeutics and former Head of Global Sponsorship for FC Barcelona.

About LUDI Therapeutics

LUDI Therapeutics is a regenerative medicine biotech company based in Monaco, focused on treating sports and physical exercise injuries and pioneer in bridging the worlds of sports and innovative biotechnology.

LUDI Therapeutics is made up of a multidisciplinary team that combines the world's leading experts in elite sport, sports medicine, drug discovery and regenerative medicine to create breakthrough drugs to heal physical injuries.

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About Monaco Foundry

Monaco Foundry is a global venture accelerator that invests in early to mid-stage companies and their growth through a unique sweat equity model.

Monaco Foundry offers true hands-on management by extremely experienced operators who are serial entrepreneurs with many successes, former government advisers and former senior Fortune 500 executives. We are the team most startups wish they had.

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About Startup Campus KPMG Monaco

KPMG GLD et Associés Monaco is one of the largest Accounting, Consulting and Audit Firms in Place Monégasque. With the KPMG global network and half a century of presence in the Principality, KPMG Monaco provides innovative and relevant solutions combining local expertise with international standards.

Through its Startup Campus, KPMG Monaco brings its local experience and global expertise to local strategic partners such as Monaco Foundry to offer a set of services to Monegasque startups throughout their growth.

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About Sport Horizon Holding

Sport Horizon Holding (SH²) is the innovative hub to invest in the most promising and visionary startups in the sport industry.

SH2 is a unique investment company in the Italian market. It invests in Europe-based tech startups in the sport sectors, with the aim of supporting a sustainable development of the sport & entertainment business and, at the same time, identifying and seizing interesting opportunities of returns in the medium term.

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