Supported by KPMG Baltics, Tikedo S.r.l. ("Tikedo") an Italian producer of self-adhesive labels controlled by private equity firm White Bridge Investments, has acquired a majority stake in Latvia based Impaks SIA ("Impaks"), a renowned company specializing in premium spirits labels.

KPMG Baltics (Advisory) acted as the buy-side advisor on the contemplated transaction and carried out a financial and tax due diligence of Impaks SIA. This acquisition empowers Tikedo with advanced machinery capabilities, expertise in special raw material coating and lamination, and broader market coverage. These advantages align with Tikedo's commitment to setting industry standards for quality and innovation in labelling solutions.

Impaks, founded in 1998, has built a stellar reputation for crafting high-quality labels tailored for the spirits industry. Leveraging various cutting-edge technologies, including flexographic and digital printing, foil printing, relief printing, varnishing, and lamination, Impaks consistently delivers labels known for their quality and innovation.

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