Tax Dispute Resolution

Tax Dispute Resolution

KPMG Luxembourg can help you to protect against, prepare for, and resolve disputes with tax authorities.

KPMG Luxembourg can help you to protect against

Our tax specialists will work with you to minimize the likelihood of a challenge or audit before a tax dispute arises. For those matters that ultimately become the subject of a dispute, we rely on external tax litigation experts to help you resolve the dispute efficiently. For international tax disputes, we work closely with KPMG’s global network of professionals.

We have successfully assisted clients in all stages of the tax dispute continuum: 

  • Assistance in discussions with the Luxembourg tax authorities, invoking the rights of taxpayers in the Luxembourg tax procedures and, if required, lodging administrative appeals
  • Representation in tax litigation before the Luxembourg administrative tribunal in direct tax matters
  • Managing and responding to requests for exchange of tax information
  • Requesting competent authorities to initiate mutual agreement procedures and, if required, submitting unresolved cases to arbitration to solve tax treaty disputes about double taxation, mostly triggered by transfer pricing issues, dual residence or profit attribution to permanent establishments
  • Assistance during local or joint tax audits, development of audit strategies and handling subsequent proceedings
  • Individual and corporate defense in tax-related liability proceedings
  • Advice in cases of criminal tax matters (tax evasion, tax fraud)


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